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Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« Last post by Merlin on September 17, 2019, 08:15:43 PM »
I visited the original LL factory prior to buying my camper. Visitors were not allowed the welding shop, for good reason. I remember peeking in the door and seeing piles of aluminum stock on the walls. We did get to see bare frames in the axle installation area and I began to understand the incredible number of welds on these things! Itís no joke.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« Last post by GrampaKilt on September 17, 2019, 11:45:52 AM »
Re: aluminum welding. From what I hear about welding shops, aluminum welding is reserved for the most proficient of the crew. Moreover, where I live (in BC), I find that all the welders in a shop have their journeyman papers and/or some working on their apprenticeship. I wonder how qualified LL's assembly line welders were much less having hired the best of the rest for the aluminum welds? I think I know the answer. GK
Member Introductions / New member from Ohio
« Last post by 56S on September 16, 2019, 09:37:15 PM »
Early retired one year ago and figure it's time to travel.  Grew up camping as a child.  Boy Scout tent, Sears 6 person tent from Ohio to San Diego and back, Apache Ramada, last year soft side from Ohio to LA and back and then when my sidlings and I moved on,
 the folks bought three different van cuttoff RVs.
Enough history.  Our tow vehicle is a 2011 Element and feel the 8.0 is just about the perfect balance between enough room and preservation of the Honda.
We just need to look at one in person to get a feel how it will work with our very large Yellow Lab.  I believe 135# might warrant another very. 
Still local to East Central Ohio and wondering if anyone within a few hours drive might have us as a quick guest and allow us to look over their 8.0.  Roxie the Lab will stay home and take our word on this.


Dan and Susan Birrell.
Camplite and Bearcat Modifications / Re: Extended entrance door handle
« Last post by Merlin on September 16, 2019, 08:27:36 PM »
No problems with mine. It installed easily and is one of the best mods Iíve done. Thereís a solid frame to screw it into right next to the door.
Camplite and Bearcat Modifications / Extended entrance door handle
« Last post by Melvin on September 16, 2019, 08:00:27 PM »
Hi gang,  purchases one of those extended entrance door handles.  The kind that extends out but can be folded to the right or left for travel. My question prior to mounting is:  has anyone run across any pitfalls in mounting this type of handle?

Melvin Dale Pempsell
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« Last post by Merlin on September 16, 2019, 04:11:15 PM »
Now that I see those added gussets, my thought is ďDuh, those should have been standard!Ē 
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« Last post by DavidM on September 16, 2019, 01:53:06 PM »
I think that it takes an experienced craftsman to make a good aluminum weld. LL's design required good welds as there were no gussets in place that could have limited or eliminated cracks even with poor welds. So they needed experienced craftsmen to do the welding and sometimes they didn't have them, thus the cracks.

So in one respect it is a marginal design that depends on good welds. Given limited reports of cracks I would suspect that 95% of the time LL did it right and the great majority of us will not experience weld cracks.

FWIW steel is much easier to weld right and even if welded poorly there is enough margin in the design to live with a few bad welds. That is why 99% of RV are made with steel frames.

I wonder how much weight would have been added if LL built the frames out of steel, but all else: floors, sides, roof (at least the older ones) out of aluminum. It sure wouldn't have helped their marketing image though.

And I wonder how much it would have cost to beef up the design of the aluminum frame with some gussets. Doing that might have saved their image.

Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« Last post by Powder Hounds on September 16, 2019, 01:23:05 PM »
On the plus side of this situation, the fabricator and RV techs did appreciate the design and construction of our rigs and if during the original manufacturing/ welding some extra support/ gussets were installed the failed welds would have been a non issue or very minor.

They did mention that here in Alberta horse trailers and snowmobile trailers all have the same problems. Apparently, the business of fixing aluminum trailers here is pretty good, one comment that they made was that cattle guards are extremely hard on aluminum trailers.

Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« Last post by GrampaKilt on September 16, 2019, 12:23:52 PM »
Are we (the royal 'we') looking at an engineering design failure that's destined to affect most of us down the road (literally and figuratively) or failures by incompetent aluminum welders on the assembly line? GK
General Towing Discussions / New Trailer Tires
« Last post by Powder Hounds on September 15, 2019, 11:10:23 PM »
New tires last week. The original BFG KOís have had it. As some of you know that tire size of 195 75/14 is not available anymore. There is a Wrangler LT AT tire in the same size but it has a lower load rating and a lower ply rating as well. Plus the cost of them were more than my truck tires.

Ended up with Good Year Endurance tires. Went to a ST 205 75/14. Towed a few hours this weekend and I noticed the trailer felt a bit more solid on the road, tracked a bit better and seemed smoother.

 Changed the spare tire as well. That Vail garbage should not be allowed on the road! With zero use and no exposure to sunlight it was just disintegrating sitting under the trailer. Very glad to see that go! This winter we will be in AZ and will order a new OEM aluminum  rim for the spare, then I can rotate a fifth tire in without any hassle. Saw them on etrailer a while ago.

Have a look at the Vail Sport tire picture and imagine what could happen to you and others while towing.

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