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Price Drop $19500.

Can now be seen with much better pictures on RVTrader. 
Trailers for Sale / Re: 2016 (w/one piece aluminum roof) 21RBS in Michigan $19700
« Last post by T4halo on April 02, 2020, 12:02:17 PM »
Here are a couple more pics. The underneath of the aluminum floor and frame. The other picture is of the very nice pantry.
Camping General Discussions / Re: Camping in a COVID 19 Environment
« Last post by djsamuel on April 01, 2020, 11:59:37 AM »
In Central Florida near me, Orange and Osceola Counties now have stay at home orders in place and the governor is signing a state wide order effective midnight Thursday.  You can be stopped and ticketed unless you are traveling only to an essential location such as a doctor's office or grocery store.  Most of the campgrounds have closed.  In Seminole and Lake Counties, emergency orders are in place restricting people 65 and older as well as enforcing the social distancing rules.  I've been following a Corona Virus camping Facebook page and it seems as though campgrounds, state parks and even USFS sites are closing all over.  I would LOVE to get out of the house now.  At least I have a nice yard and am tempted to do some driveway camping.
Camping General Discussions / Re: Camping in a COVID 19 Environment
« Last post by DavidM on April 01, 2020, 11:44:36 AM »
Many states have now issued "stay at home" orders. I have read a few. Some allow outdoor recreation of which camping may be considered. They also allow travel from one place of residence to another, which may be invoked to allow travel to a campsite.

I still feel that camping in the more rustic campgrounds like NPs, SPs, USFS, etc is about as safe as being at home and getting there can also be managed as safely as going to the grocery store.

Anyone run up against restrictions in their state yet, beyond campground closings?

Trailers for Sale / Re: 2016 (w/one piece aluminum roof) 21RBS in Michigan $19700
« Last post by djsamuel on March 30, 2020, 10:27:12 AM »
Yes, the pictures are there.
Camping General Discussions / Re: Camping in a COVID 19 Environment
« Last post by Pinstriper on March 28, 2020, 12:07:50 PM »
Oregon State parks are cancelling reservations as the closure date bumps into them, so our early April dates were closed, but May look intact so far.

The State Parks are all closed, as are recreation facilities (day use, campgrounds) in the state forests and national forests. I have not gotten out to check if they have closed gates.

BLM has also similarly closed facilities, but have explicitly said the land is open for recreation within the bounds of social distancing.

Boat ramps in parks have been closed, but those operated by ports are still open for commercial boats, closed to recreation.
Camping General Discussions / Re: Camping in a COVID 19 Environment
« Last post by Merlin on March 28, 2020, 11:50:01 AM »
Michigan state parks and state forests are open but only for limited day use. No water, no trash pickup, no toilets, no camping, no playgrounds, no beaches, etc. National parks and forests in Michigan have closed all facilities except for limited day use in some, with the same limitations as the state owned areas. My sister in Indiana reports a similar situation. This is for the indefinite future. Weve canceled all camping reservations for 2020 and will make new ones only after we know more about the Covid-19 situation in Michigan and elsewhere. Im going to use the time to do maintenance and more mods on the camper and to camp in our backyard with our new dog so he can get used to the routines.
Camping General Discussions / Re: Camping at Paradox Lake in NY 7/26-7/29.
« Last post by DavidM on March 27, 2020, 01:41:13 PM »
I actually tried to book a Sat, Sun, Mon night campsite, but none of the nice sites that front the lake were available. Even midweek lake front sites were not available until this last week in July. Obviously this is a very popular campground.

FWIW, after the three nights in Paradox Lake we are traveling about two hours west and camping for a couple of nights at Rollins Pond Campground, another NY State Park south of Saranac Lake. The campground has at least 100 water front sites, but I got the last one available. Obviously NY Adirondack Park campgrounds are very popular, at least those near the water.

Hope you can make it.

Camping General Discussions / Re: Camping at Paradox Lake in NY 7/26-7/29.
« Last post by Chappy133 on March 27, 2020, 12:56:13 PM »
Very pretty area of up-state New York.  We drive past this campground on the want to my Brother's home in Vermont. 

I am jealous of the Sunday - midweek camping schedule especially since I am 461 days from retirement.  Not that I am counting or anything.

Depending on our vacation schedule due to COVID-19 challenges I do not see us being able to meet up but really do want too.  I am currently waiting to see if I can get a campsite at Sea Girt, NJ 16-19 July.  This a NJ National Guard State Police Training site on the beach so you have an affiliation, ours is Retire Army, in order to access or camp there. It only has 12 sites.  Campers only and no tents but all the sites have full hook ups. So it that doesn't pan out I might head to New York. 

Stay safe!

I need to replace the hydraulic rod that is supposed to keep my main door open. Its at the bottom of the door. Does anyone know where to get it and what the part # is?

I have tried generic rods from the local stores, but the ends that attach to the ball nuts on this one are small / unique and that pressure is also relatively low, 10# I think. I have tried using the number on the rod, but I think the ends may be special / specific to this application. Thanks!


This one worked fine on mine. They are pretty standard, except for the force required. This is a 10lb one and it worked well on the door. You can get them higher force, but then the frame attachment points get stressed. Easy to install, but be careful when the clips release. The clips can fly pretty far.


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