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Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Thor buys Hymer
« Last post by nhlakes on Today at 09:10:05 PM »
Wow, I'm pretty sure that Hymer advertised themselves as the largest RV manufacturer in the world last week at Hershey and I'd heard that before.  This is a big deal.  Hymer was just getting traction with their Hymer European style class B's here, but they (Hymer) also bought Roadtrek a year or 2 ago which has a large and dedicated following in North America.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Thor buys Hymer
« Last post by GrampaKilt on Today at 01:17:37 PM »
Actually, I don't think 'they' will mess it up. People buying these largely Mercedes body units expect to pay well into the 6 figures. There's lots of profit to be made without changing anything.

LL competed for market share in an entirely different demographic, generally middle class wage earners like myself. The business model for selling to modern middle class consumers is no surprise, we all buy into it: low production costs, low mark-ups, make money by selling volume. It takes a vision for quality to buck against this zeitgeist. That vision died with LL's sale to Thor. I wonder if any Thor executive had the foresight to see that the LL purchase was a poor fit for the company's culture? GK
Livin Lite General Discussion / Camplite Sighting, CA and NV
« Last post by charliem on Today at 12:28:47 PM »
Sighted a new red Camplite driving through Yosemite NP. Later the same one pulled into our campground in Sparks, NV! Met Bill and Robinette from SLC area, UT. It was a brand new (late 2017 mfg) 21RBS on its maiden cruise. We swapped Camplite experiences/hints and I got a good look at construction/features of the last build run. More on that later. I pitched our forum and they seemed very interested so give them a big welcome if they log in.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Thor buys Hymer
« Last post by Paul on Today at 10:28:21 AM »
I never heard of Hymer before I had to look them up. It looks nice!
Livin Lite General Discussion / Thor buys Hymer
« Last post by MitchB on Today at 09:09:26 AM »
How long until it's a mess
Well after much pondering  I came up with a way to add removable stabilizers. Cost about 20$ in steal and a few welding rods. Works like a champ.


Camping General Discussions / Re: How to keep toilet paper dry in a wet bath?
« Last post by DavidM on September 17, 2018, 01:33:05 PM »
I have seen these on boats which have the same problem but couldn't find it on Amazon or Camping World. But here it is on Defender a boating equipment web site: https://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?path=-1|51|2234209|2234210&id=137792

Very secure and dry but requires mounting in a hollow wall so it is more flush. The outside walls of a LL should work, but I doubt the inside walls have enough depth.

Camping General Discussions / Re: How to keep toilet paper dry in a wet bath?
« Last post by Lap527 on September 17, 2018, 12:38:15 PM »
We put one of the suction cup containers above the shower level. It has there for several years now.  The tp roll maybe out of kilter but it still works.  ;D
Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Ocala, Fl
« Last post by Lap527 on September 17, 2018, 11:02:42 AM »
No, it's a 2006 3500 4x4 cummins 5.9 with 78k on it. Great truck!  :) On the road WITHOUT camper we get 18mpg at 62.  We don't have to be in a hurry, lol. If we have TC and one of the trailers we get 12 with speed of 62.  We made the mistake of not enough truck before this truck and this one has been ideal for our needs. I have to fight DH to take my turn driving. Lol.. 8)
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