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Hi Gary,

That sounds fine to me. 

A couple considerations before you commit to install this:

1. The shipping is going to be a pricey, as the the basic hitch is already factory welded to a 1/2" piece of plate when I buy it from etrailer and thus a bit over built before I even started.  This didn't bother me at all as I kind of liked it that way, overbuilt.  But it is heavy.

2. You really want to think about how you are going to drill the upper two holes through the alum. frame.  Don't underestimate the difficulty of doing this.  The bottom two holes are no problems and just take seconds with a sharp drill bit, standard drill + a bit of precision-care.  Alum. drills fast. 

The upper two holes are a problem.  It took me an hour each to drill those upper two holes, properly aligned and to proper size.  I used all kinds of cobbled together tools to do this, together with custom cut sacrificial drill bits I tossed in the garbage afterward; they were trashed.  With better close quarters equipment it might have gone more smoothly.  I used what I had.  I almost gave up doing this, and was going to cut the bumper off to drill these and was then going to TIG weld the alum. bumper back on afterward just to accomplish drilling those two silly upper holes.  In the end, I didn't have to do this, but it was tedious and slow. 

The design I came up with was the following for this 2' receiver:  I wanted those two upper through holes as high up as possible on that 2 x 7" alum. frame member and my steel plates to counteract the torque of the bike rack pulling down and thus handle bumps in the road, etc. with two mt. bikes attached.  It worked really well.  I doubt that frame member could tow anything behind, even a small trailer.  You'd want to go into the longitudinal frame members for that.  But for a bike rack, I like it.

The design problem one cannot see from the outside is ~4 1/2" up from the bottom of that frame member there is an alum. factory welded bar, 1/2-3/4" square or so that supports the rear edge of black tank.  It's welded to that 2 x 7" frame member from the inside.  You can't see that welded piece unless you drop the underbelly and look up.  This prevented me from positioning the upper through bolts for the receiver any higher up the plate than I did.  If I could, it would add even more rigidity and make the drilling of them much easier from the outside too.  However, this would have involved dropping the black tank and re-plumbing, and I wasn't going to go there.  This means that the upper two holes end up about in the middle of where the bumper is, as to not interfere with the bar that supports the black tank on the inside.  Thus, the drilling problem.  Those two holes cannot be drilled from the inside either, as again, the black tank is smack in the way.  However, once they are drilled and you get the proper length 7/16" grade 8 bolts at any good hardware store, the mounting of the bracket is straightforward with socket and wrench.  It's the drilling that took time.

I'm away from home traveling right now for the next couple weeks.  I be happy to weld it up for you when I get home, if you're still interested. 

@GoElectric:. Trying to follow your tip and using a plastic lid...  This is the new and improved temporary window until we get home. Now it looks less "ghetto", as my daughter pointed out.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Air Conditioner advice
« Last post by Diversteve on Today at 11:05:51 AM »
And did I mention quiet? This unit is so quiet i thought it was not working!
I was able to sell my old rooftop unit for $400.00 so the total price was very reasonable.
We are starting our third year of camping and still are impressed with the setup.
The heat pump is amazing, warms the little trailer very quickly.
i expect to hear of more installations like this or at least a rooftop unit with the inverter tech.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Air Conditioner advice
« Last post by DavidM on Today at 10:54:35 AM »
That iis an interesting instalation. With a high efficiency minisplit (and some use inverter technology), it should start easily with most portable generators.

Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: Air Conditioner advice
« Last post by Diversteve on Today at 10:26:29 AM »
This is the unit I bought.
The installation was not difficult.
Everything needed was included with the exception of a wall mount that I built with aluminum angle and rivets from Home Depot

Trip Report/Photos / Re: First shakedown overnighter
« Last post by Chappy133 on Today at 10:15:26 AM »
Neat is the preferred way to enjoy a good 🥃 bourbon. I concur on the Angels Envey too.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Re: 2014 Camplite 13 RDB
« Last post by Merlin on June 22, 2018, 09:40:14 PM »
I have not done that, but I recommend you look at what The Mattress Insider has to offer. They have a huge variety of RV mattresses and great customer service.
Camplite and Bearcat Travel Trailers / Re: Holding tank bucket tests 2018 21BHS
« Last post by charliem on June 22, 2018, 07:42:53 PM »

Gray tank: 18 gallons (advertised as 25 gallons)

................... but my gray tank is 7 gallons less than its suppose to be. I'm assuming its due to the vent pipe issue others have had. I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to access the vent pipe from the top side of the tank to cut it shorter, vs lowering the tank from the bottom of the trailer.
Shower into the wrong tank and vent problem too? I don't want to ask what else they could have screwed up. In models prior to yours the shower teed into the gray vent so the vent pipe couldn't be pulled up. For yours it depends on how the gray vent connects to the tank. If it goes straight in without any other fittings it might be possible. For further LL tank expertise I refer you to GaryM  ;)
Camplite and Bearcat Travel Trailers / Re: Shower drains into black tank
« Last post by Gary M on June 22, 2018, 02:51:10 PM »
Are you using any WDH or anti sway setup Adam? I just towed mine 100 miles home with the black tank full, and didn't notice any sway at all with my Andersen WDH setup. I also had 150 lbs of batteries at the rear of the trailer under the bunks. I'm looking into storing my generator in a box on the tongue to even out the load. There's nowhere to dump in the places I boondock at, and I have a sewer clean out plug at home to dump into.
Camplite and Bearcat Travel Trailers / Re: Shower drains into black tank
« Last post by DavidM on June 22, 2018, 02:38:51 PM »
 I havenít experienced this, probably because i dump both tanks at the campground before leaving. I suspect most of us do this. As you note it provides better weight distribution and less weight to tow.

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