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Author Topic: Trailer brake shuddering  (Read 690 times)


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Re: Trailer brake shuddering
« Reply #15 on: March 11, 2020, 07:07:17 PM »
Thanks for your input Pinstripe.  The brakes never locked up when braking.  If the gain on the brake controller is very low they still shake.  The higher the gain the more shacking though.  I really feel like the drums are warped (from previous owner) but I could be wrong.  When I turn the wheel by hand everything turns freely.  No rubbing.  That tells me that the adjustment is ok.  I wonder how he did overheat the brakes enough to warp the drums!?!  They are made of pretty thick metal.  I really want to solve this before our trip to Newfounland in July.  If they are warped, should I have them turned or just replace them?

Thanks again
I would let the shop advise you. It could be the warp is too much to turn, or it could be fine.

Of course it could still be something else as well.

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Thanks again Pinstriper,
Yes I will let them tell me if it's doable or not.  I will report here once everything is good!