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BLM type camping in Alberta is now a bit crazy. There is a section of mountain road that will inflict some harm on any type of vehicle traveling too fast. This happened one mile from our camping spot. Typical Friday rush to go camping. Gives you perspective on how a tent trailer is made.

Livin Lite General Discussion / 7 Way Trailer Plug
« on: May 23, 2020, 06:23:26 PM »

I was having an issue with our 7 way connection, sometimes loosing our right break light on the rig. The plug was shot, the overall install was a bit sketchy, yellow wire was just cut and left as is. Might be good idea for owners to unscrew your plug and have a look.

Hitches / Anderson Hitch Cone
« on: October 30, 2019, 02:09:03 PM »
Just a thought that owners with an Anderson hitch should change out the cone every few years. I always have an extra cone with us and had to change it out the other day. I should have done it before our winter getaway but forgot to do it. You will notice that it will start to make noise while turning and then it will start to limit the friction action. Ours just eventually stuck and would not let the triangular plate rotate. Any Anderson dealer should provide cones at no charge.


Trip Report/Photos / Arizona 2020
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:56:02 AM »

After our September winter weekend we are looking forward to our many sunny destinations south. First stop Zion for some outdoor adventures. Hitting the road in three weeks!


General Towing Discussions / New Trailer Tires
« on: September 15, 2019, 11:10:23 PM »
New tires last week. The original BFG KOís have had it. As some of you know that tire size of 195 75/14 is not available anymore. There is a Wrangler LT AT tire in the same size but it has a lower load rating and a lower ply rating as well. Plus the cost of them were more than my truck tires.

Ended up with Good Year Endurance tires. Went to a ST 205 75/14. Towed a few hours this weekend and I noticed the trailer felt a bit more solid on the road, tracked a bit better and seemed smoother.

 Changed the spare tire as well. That Vail garbage should not be allowed on the road! With zero use and no exposure to sunlight it was just disintegrating sitting under the trailer. Very glad to see that go! This winter we will be in AZ and will order a new OEM aluminum  rim for the spare, then I can rotate a fifth tire in without any hassle. Saw them on etrailer a while ago.

Have a look at the Vail Sport tire picture and imagine what could happen to you and others while towing.

Livin Lite General Discussion / Part II More Failed Frame Welds ...
« on: August 12, 2019, 04:18:41 PM »
Well, we have our rig in a service shop for our yearly maintenance and what did they find... more failed welds on the exterior perimeter lateral supports and some cracking on the axle support brackets. Iíll post some pictures at a later date but we have all been down this road before and it does not come as a surprise.

The good news is that the cracks are just starting and are pretty minor.  Have it booked in at a welding shop in a few weeks. Iím going to request that they reinforce the heck out of it.

At least with other owners posting very similar problems the road to repairing these issues is familiar.

All the best!

Trip Report/Photos / Spring Camping
« on: May 18, 2019, 04:02:06 PM »

Just a few pics of our first camping week at the base of Thunder Mountain in Alberta.

A note to fellow campers, the ticks were just incredible, we had to check ourselves constantly and decided to stop hiking, just not comfortable knowing they are trying to find a host. Luckily we did not see any black legged ones. Reports are that they are everywhere this year. Just one more thing to worry about.

Pics,  best  guess is a hind track of a younger grizzly, Thunder Mountain, wild flowers and a young black bear. The usual critters!

Camplite and Bearcat Modifications / New Shelf
« on: March 29, 2019, 09:14:27 PM »

Just a simple organizational project.

Some leather strap material from a local craft store and a basic shelf purchased from Lowes. No special tools required!

Removed the screws from the aluminum roof trim cover and fastened the straps. Very solid! I couldnít believe how many aluminum shavings came out of that trim area?

Going to add some double sided 3M to keep the shelf and leather aligned. Just waiting for the straps to form and stretch a bit.


Trip Report/Photos / Winter Spot
« on: January 19, 2019, 08:32:48 PM »
Just some  pics from our winter camping spot at Mount Kidd RV Park. We forgot just how cold our rig gets when the temperature drops.

We have enjoyed camping and skiing but will never return to this park.

We drove out from Calgary for a few days of skiing, we went to our rig in the morning to pick up our skis and plug in so we can turn on  our oil heater. We have  done this on regular basis, even in prior years.

We noticed that we had an extra charge on our bill for a night that we were not in our rig? Going to management to clarify the charge they told us that if we are plugged in before 4:00 PM they will bill us for the previous night. So if you arrive at noon set up for your stay they can and will charge you for the previous night. Staying at numerous campgrounds all over Canada and the US we NEVER experienced this. Our discussion with the manager turned a bit heated...he wanted to kick us out, but not refund us for nights not used. He even went as far as to ban us from staying there in the future. Complete incompetence.

The biggest problem we had was he actually starting laughing about a fellow camper who forgot to un plug their rig. He was happy charging them every day, a professional might want to make  a simple call to their customer and just let them know what the park policy was. Nope, not this guy.

That aside, we have had lots of fun camping and skiing.

D and L

Trip Report/Photos / The Start of Winter Camping
« on: October 16, 2018, 08:45:57 PM »
Thought we would post a couple of pics of our first winter camping outing. An hour from Calgary in Kananaskis Country.

Started out with -10 C/ 14 F and 8" of snow, very pretty. Coming home, 18 C/ 64 F with complete sunny skies. Hats, gloves and long underwear to shorts and t-shirts.

Camplite and Bearcat Modifications / Rain Gutters
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:12:38 PM »
I attached these front and back on the door side of our trailer. Using tin snips I trimmed the gutter for a better fit to the edge of the roof. Used PL Premium construction adhesive to bond the gutter to the edge and taped the gutter while the adhesive cured. I installed these three years ago, still going strong. Recently I used some grey caulking to cover up the beige adhesive. Made it look a bit nicer.

I am considering removing the original charging wires from my batteries to the converter. The stock wires seem to be bare minimum and the original ring terminals also have to go.

Is there a max wire gauge that the converter will accept?

Suggestions would be appreciated.


Well, we just finished our Snow Bird adventure in southern Arizona and arrived back home in Alberta. While staying in Lake Havasu AZ we went to set up our cribbage board for another Title Belt Championship. Unfortunatly our playing cards had somehow fallen out of the pack and slid down the wall into the sealed area under our sterio cabinet, we have a 21 RBS. So, the next day I decided to retrieve our cards, easy. Not so much! There must had been an abundance of screws that day because the aluminum sheet metal shelf was held in place with eight screws, not only was it screwed down but double sided tape was installed as well. Took some time getting that out.

Now I have the shelf out and what do I see beside our cards? Daylite and dirt, alot of dirt, there was a good half inch gap from the floor to wall, it tapered off at six inches in length. My mysterious dirt and dust problem has been solved! For years we always had a ton of dust on our floor every trip we made a PITA. Thought it was the door frame not sealing. Our door must have the most weather strip and caulking around the perimeter than any other rig. No change. Thought the dust problem was the wheel wells, nope, yearly undercoating applied. So now I go outside and put my hand up in the wheel well near the floor, I can almost put a finger in the gaps of the diamond plate that was used for the wheel wells. I run my hand horizontally down the length of the wheel well and lots of gaps. They installed three screws for a critical area of the trailer  that actually has some importance and they tape and screw the heck out of a nothing burger area like a shelf.

The end result was a successful fix, duct tape in the wheel well, foam rod as a backer to fill the gap, and some caulking. Next time I have the wheels off I will install a length of aluminum flat stock and screw it over that exposed seam in the wheel wells.

You will never know what will come up when you loose your playing cards.

Another five thousand miles and five months full timing in our LL.

Camplite and Bearcat Modifications / Stereo Master Power Switch
« on: February 06, 2018, 06:41:25 PM »

Finally got around to adding a master power switch for our Jenson stereo. We mostly rely on our 120 watt solar panel to charge our x2 Trojan 6 volt batteries. Our power usage is about 36 amp hours per day. I remember coming across a discussion about the Jensen's power consumption in standby at 5 amp hours in a 24 hour period. We estimated that on average that appliance uses about 18 percent of our battery power. We don't require present radio stations or the clock running for that loss of amps.

So for less than $20.00 we installed a toggle switch next to the stereo. The power wire from the stereo was 18 gauge and the trailer wire was 14 gauge. Cut out that factory blue clamp connector and used  the matching butt type crimp connector to splice in some more wire to reach the new switch. Had to do the same on the main trailer power wire as well. Cut out the hole for the switch, added the two female crimp connectors and installed. Took less than 30 minutes, very simple little project.

Over the past few days our batteries are receiving a full charge with less amp hours. The new solar panel mount is really getting the most for uss. I though about adding another panel for some more amps but maximizing what we have really helps. That basic switch was worth it. I hope my figures are in line with our forum electrical pros, my electrical skills are limited, but you have to try.

Happy camping!

Camplite and Bearcat Modifications / Solar Panel Bumper/Frame Mount
« on: November 26, 2017, 05:42:50 PM »

We picked up a top of pole solar mount to attach our Zamp 120 watt portable panel to. The 2" aluminum pole I found at a metals store in their scrap bin, had a stainless steel square bolt made and picked up the mounting rails and end clamps at a solar store, those items were a couple of dollars as they were in their junk bin. The mount and postal charges were our only true costs.

Now we can mount our panel on the back bumper or the front frame. Lets us really secure our panel with no worries of it being blown over. Very convenient for our 14 day BLM stays. Also we can adjust the angle of the panel to match our geographical location and for the time of year. Maximizes our exposure so we always get the best performance from our panel.

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