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Started by DavidM, March 09, 2018, 12:21:45 PM

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Steve Sanders

Quote from: djsamuel on July 05, 2018, 10:48:43 AM
Quote from: Steve Sanders on July 04, 2018, 01:22:28 AM
We've had our 6.0 since June of 2009 and I can only recall one time that we have seen another LL at a campground. It was at Disney's Fort Wilderness a couple of years ago.

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That may have been me.  Was it a 21BHS?
No. I think it was a 8.0, but it could have been a 10.0.

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Quote from: Chappy133 on July 05, 2018, 11:20:50 AM
We have a 16 TBS with no decals if you see us in a campground please do come over and introduce your self. 

We most certainly will! Even before we entered the world of CLs ourselves, I was dying to see one in person and would have definitely gone over to investigate had I seen one. Now that we have one, I think it may actually be illegal to run into another one "in the wild" and not say hello.

We leave to go get ours on the 20th, and I'm counting down every day!


We are thinking about doing a 4-5 day trip to the eastern Adirondacks within the next 2-4 weeks in August. This would be to Paradox Lake Campground just west of Ticonderoga and Scaroon Manor Campground on Schroon Lake a bit further south and west for two nights at each place. Both are rather rustic NY state campgrounds with no campsite hookups, but with showers and flush toilets at the campground.

Since weekends are often booked far in advance and we are retired, we are thinking about Monday through Thursday during one of those weeks.

Anyone interested in joining us? We are flexible as to which week.

Edit: Baby sitter, well pet sitter actually, says she can only cover the weeks of August 5th or August 19th. My preference would be the week of August 19th as some schools will be back in session then.



Any suggestions for a Livin Lite meetup, revisited?

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Good idea to revive this thread. We are headed north and maybe west this year. We are traveling later in the year than in the past to avoid the heat. We don't like traveling when the car thermometer reads over 100F.

We're going to be in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for 2 weeks in various state parks at the end of August/first of September.

We are also seriously considering a 3 week trip from Michigan to S. Oregon and N. California at the end of September/first of October.


Merlin. We will be in California in September.  May have to link up.
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Quote from: Chappy133 on June 21, 2021, 09:34:39 AM
Merlin. We will be in California in September.  May have to link up.

Cool. In 2016 we attempted to camp in the redwoods, but had major trouble finding a site where there were still big trees. We hope to try again somewhere in the vicinity of Redwoods NP. I'll post details of a potential trip soon.


We're in Petoskey MI at the Sun RV Resort here.  (Third time here).  Great place - beautiful resort. 

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every time i travel north, i come home with another LL. Not sure I should do this trip a third time in less than a year!