Cyclone Holding Tank Vent

Started by Iceman14, August 12, 2017, 10:05:18 PM

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 8) I have an Axxess Toy Hauler 30 ft......occasionally we were getting a foul holding tank odor.  I installed the Campco Cyclone Vent and all odors are now gone !  It's easy to install and was well worth the investment. The installation took maybe 30 minutes. It works exactly as advertised !  Now I'm a happy camper ! ;D


Is that vent anything like this one?

That was actually given to me by a Harvest Hosts host that had ended up with two accidentally. Have not yet gotten around to installing it on our 21BHS

As an aside, yesterday we noticed sewage odor and surmised the way the wind was blowing it was pushing the sewage odor directly from the tank vent into our partially opened bathroom vent. Thinking it may be best to keep that vent closed unless you have the exhaust fan on. Is that what people do?


The Camco Cyclone Vent has a wind vane that points into the wind with the exit facing the opposite way so the tank fumes are drawn out by a Venturi effect. The Siphon works more like a standard one-way air admittance valve in plumbing. The Siphon might help if the toilet seal is leaking, but if that is tight then an AAV on the vent probably would not make any difference? The Cyclone vent sounds good in principle, but where would air come from to ventilate the tank (so that air could be exhausted). Both of these have me wondering if the source of bad smells some folks are getting is the tank vent exhaust air getting back into the camper through the bathroom fan vent and/or a bad toilet seal. On our camper, the black tank vent outlet is right next to (couple of inches) from the bath vent van exhaust.