New Aluminum Trailers

Started by Popup2012, September 08, 2022, 05:47:38 PM

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Look at the new Intech  O-V-R  trailers.


They ain't cheap, and with a GVWR of 7500 lbs for the smallest ones it will take a full-size SUV or a half tone pickup to pull one. With gas nearly at all-time highs, I would think an aluminum trailer builder would have gone small and light (and a bit cheaper too).



I agree with David.  Surprising they didn't make it lighter.

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Never heard of them before. I like the rugged look, outdoor options (kitchen, drop-table, etc...), and modern interior look and feel. But I'm not a fan of the toy hauler floorplan at all; the ATC has a better layout & options.

Can't tell if the floor decking is wood or aluminum...?


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I have a local dealer that sells Intech, that's where I do my service for my Camplite, last time I was there they didn't had that model. I will check to see if they have some next time I go!
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