Lighted Switch Next to Sink?

Started by spadedace, January 04, 2017, 06:58:47 PM

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Hi All,

There is 1 wall switch that is an illuminated switch (lights up red when turned on) that sits right where my water heater, tank levels indicators (fresh/gray/black/battery) and water pump switch.  What is it?  My guess is that it maybe switches the hot water heater from propane to electric but I really don't know.  Nothing makes any sound when it's flipped.   My camper came with zero guides or documents other than the silly magazine thing from Livin' Lite that is generic and made for all of their campers so it's not specific to mine.  I didn't get appliance paperwork or owners manuals either and I bought it brand new from a dealer out of state.  He had a horrible experience with Livin' Lite and now Thor and stopped carrying their products because he couldn't get support. 

Anyway...what the heck is that switch?  Anyone know?

Thanks much.


 The lighted switch enables the 120V water heater element. In order for the electric side of the WH to function this switch must be on and lighted and the small black rocker switch on the WH itself must be on. The gas and electric sides of the WH are independent, redundant, and complementary. You can use either, both, or neither. Your choice.
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