Dexter Axle Lift Kit

Started by spadedace, January 04, 2017, 06:51:27 PM

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Hi All,

So, wouldn't you just know it, the original site disappeared with all the good information from other owners like you.  I had just figured out that I need to put a lift kit on my VRV 6x15 because it is so low to the ground that I cannot connect my new Fastway Easy Hitch Load Distribution hitch to it without a 14' drop shank which will then be only about 4 inches off the ground.  The plumbing and front leveling legs also only sit about 5 inches off the ground when level and not connected to vehicle.  They are 15' wheels so this was obviously made to haul toys from paved parking lot to paved parking lot.  I use it to haul dirt bikes to off road races where I have to drive onto private properties where the roads in and out are horrible and sometimes we have to cross uneven fields to park etc.  My plumbing will get ripped off soon.  So, some other owners put Dexter lift kits on theirs.  I ordered the 2-3/4 lift block kits (x2 since I have 2 axles) and am going to be putting them on soon and was curious if anyone here has done this and if there is anything tricky to keep my eye out for.  I have skilled machinists/engineers helping me with all the right tools (forklift, jack stands, etc etc) just not sure if anyone ran into something I should know ahead of time like having to lengthen wires or something. 

Because the old site is gone, here's the link to the Perfect Casita website that sells the #10 axle kits for cheap.

My VRV 6x15 required the #9 axle kits which I ordered directly from Dexter Axle by giving them the numbers off of the stickers on the axles under my hauler. 

Cheers and thanks!


I've mentioned this before, just FYI, The Dexter web site sells the lift kit, you can contact them and give them the axle number, (located on the axle) and they can match up the proper lift kit for you. This is how I went about it, the kits are easy to install, having an extra pair of hands helps.


I had the same issues you had with the low plumbing, the only thing I did differently was to cut out those cheap wire crimped junctions on the electric brake wires and use solder and heat shrink tubing when you lengthen the wires.