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Started by Iceman14, September 30, 2016, 09:36:25 PM

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I have a .14 Livin Lite Axxess 8.5x30 Toy Hauler.  Monday morning we were trying to get a little heat going and attempted to start the LP Heater.   This unit is new and never been used.  The thermostat seems to be working and the motor fan runs.  I hear the gas valve click but it wouldnt light.   The LP fridge works as does the LP stove...but still no heat.   What am I missing ? It's an AT Wood heater. the LED shows 3 blinks separated by about 5 sec and then 3 more blinks..... its a "Lock-Out" but I'm unsure as to the cause.....any suggestions for quick checks?????  Otherwise, it's going to the shop !   Thanks in advance !!


Have not had to work on our Gas Furnace yet. Here's a couple of Atwood youtube repair videos:



Hope this helps!



 8)   Excellent,  thanks you sir !!  I'll check them out !!  It's new...what could possibly go wrong ?   LOL !! ;D


I guess I should have followed-up with a conclusion to this heater Lock-Out......The problem was a cracked solder joint on the circuit board and also...wasp mud daubers had built in the exhaust duct.  Those two repairs fixed the heater issue.  As a preventative measure, I added the stainless steel screens to all exterior vents to keep the wasps out ! 


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