Can you tow with a Tesla?

Started by Popup2012, May 24, 2022, 12:42:51 AM

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We were camping at Prairie Creek State Park in Rogers, AR last week when this pulled in. The camper is built in Canada and is about 2500 lbs.


Yes, but look at that windage. I bet the Tesla's range drops from 3-400 miles to 100 or so while towing. And then where do you recharge. Yes you could plug into a commercial RV park's 30A or 50A service and recharge but most NPS, SPs and USFS parks have no hookups.

I have read about camping trailers being built with their own auxiliary propulsion system that assists the TV with its own battery and motor drive. That might make some sense and get most of the range back.



Can you tow with a Tesla?

Sure, why would you want too?

I use an F150 for that!


Ford with its F150 Lighting claims it can tow.  Time will tell on that.  Recharging in the NPS and some State CGs will remain a challenge.  Me I am more interested in a hybrid solution if I go that route at all.
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