Mold prevention

Started by psalm34810, June 13, 2015, 09:26:11 AM

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I am extremely sensitive to mold and nees to make sure none growsvin the storage tanks or plumbing of our 16DB.

we have a contaainer of moisture-absorbing gel sitting in the sink while the unit is in storage.  It's already de-winterized from our first trip.  I tried to dry the lines as best I could before returning it to storage for a month or so.  We had to close the tank caps to keep out critters!

The Tin Can Ranch is stored outside in the sun, 5 miles from our home.

Thanks, Steve and Julie


Welcome!!!! Hopefully someone will be able help with the mold question!


Maybe you could use a air compressor to blow out the remaining water? Is your trailer à camplite 16DB ? You posted in the quicksilver section I can move your post in the good section
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Personally I would use a 2 tank system: Any water used for cooking or drinking comes out of a separate canister that is easily perfectly cleaned and can guarantee that there will be no mold. I have one like this

The other water is for washing anything but never for consumption because you cannot clean or prevent the other system to become molded. Yes there are things like chemical stuff and silver Ions that will help but it will never ever be 100%. Wherever you have standing water there will be mold and things that you don't like unless the water is so toxic that its harmful for you. So the 2 separated water tanks is the best solution.