Fall Camping Alberta

Started by Powder Hounds, September 29, 2021, 12:44:54 PM

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Powder Hounds

Hello Everyone,

Just posting some pictures of our last extended camping trip before the real cold weather sets in and the skis come out. Our location is along the Livingston Range, a sub-range of the Canadian Rockies in southern Alberta.

Stunning area but it is prone to high winds, as you can see in one of the pics several trees came down on a tent. Those individuals were ok. Very lucky to make it out alive, they were camping in a small provincial campground not far from our location.





Nice, I like your solar panel.  Any details on how you mounted it.

Powder Hounds

Couple of pics for ya. Top of pole solar mount and general solar mounting hardware. Had a custom bolt made up so I could mount it onto the frame.


We pulled an early October trip to Little Bow Provincial Park (very nice it was, but we had power etc.)

As for the Solar, we use a "Suitcase" panel that we just move around into the sun as needed.

Very nice spot though.
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