New Trailer Tires

Started by Powder Hounds, September 15, 2019, 11:10:23 PM

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Powder Hounds

New tires last week. The original BFG KO's have had it. As some of you know that tire size of 195 75/14 is not available anymore. There is a Wrangler LT AT tire in the same size but it has a lower load rating and a lower ply rating as well. Plus the cost of them were more than my truck tires.

Ended up with Good Year Endurance tires. Went to a ST 205 75/14. Towed a few hours this weekend and I noticed the trailer felt a bit more solid on the road, tracked a bit better and seemed smoother.

Changed the spare tire as well. That Vail garbage should not be allowed on the road! With zero use and no exposure to sunlight it was just disintegrating sitting under the trailer. Very glad to see that go! This winter we will be in AZ and will order a new OEM aluminum  rim for the spare, then I can rotate a fifth tire in without any hassle. Saw them on etrailer a while ago.

Have a look at the Vail Sport tire picture and imagine what could happen to you and others while towing.


I'm due for new tires as well (according to the age, they actually don't look too bad).  Did you obtain a new Aluminum OEM wheel? If so, who from and how much?  If you have any specs on the OEM wheel it would be appreciated if you could pass it on.  Thanks


If your camper has 14" wheels it's very likely it has these. In the 13" and 14" sizes the 5 spoke Hi Spec wheels were OEM for a few years right around 2015. In any event, trailer wheels are remarkably standard in specs for each size, so if this one does not match what you have, scroll through etrailer until you find one that does.


Yes, these look pretty close to my 14 inch wheels.  Thanks for the link, I will make some measurements tomorrow and contact them. 


I just replaced my 8 year old Maxxis tires with the the new model of Maxxis, the ST8008 Plus. There are a very limited number of good tires available in the 13" wheel size and it came down to those or the Carlisle Radial Trail HD. Supply chain issues are affecting tires big time and since the Tire Rack could deliver the Maxxis almost overnight, I went with those. Discount Tire ran out of the Maxxis in late March and it was a multi day wait for the Carlisle from them. Lesson learned is that anyone contemplating new tires this spring should go for it soon.