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I have been doing a lot of reading in the achieves. I see all the stories of the 21BH shower draining into the blackwater tank. I saw where they inserted the vent pipe for the tanks lower into the tanks reducing the capacity...

We took our new to us 2013 16BHB out for a maiden voyage this weekend. Just a short 2 night trip, no showers. I noticed that when you flush the toilet it seems to Burb, like the vent line is plugged. Is this a known issue? I would guess that it could be the vent pipe inserted into the tank, but since it happened early on, the pipe would have to have be toward the bottom of the tank.

Is there some known issue, or some common culprit?
Livin Lite General Discussion / Tank/battery status panel?
September 25, 2020, 11:51:57 AM

My old 1990 Roadranger, I had a status panel that gave 0-1/3-2/3-full status for battery charge level, black water, gray water, and fresh water. I assumed this was standard on every trailer, but I am not finding anything like this on my trailer. In an add for another Camplite, I see the panel by the charge station. Can this be added now, or hard to do as no sensors in any of the tanks?

We are going out for a shake down trip before putting it away for the winter today, so trying to learn all I can before we leave.

Trailer is a 2013 16BHB
General Towing Discussions / Another WD question
September 21, 2020, 05:07:48 PM
Hey everyone, we just picked up a 2013 16BHB. Long range planning had me wanting a Camplite, but it was still a couple years out, trying to get by with our 1990 Roadranger, but one came up for sale locally at an incredible price so we jumped on it.

The Roadranger was a 17' and ran across the scales at 35-3900lbs in full camping trim. The TV is a Seqouia with a 7200 rating, so easily handled the load, but since the Seouia is so softly sprung for hwy comfort, I picked up the smallest Husky WD system I could find. It made a huge improvement, and have been very happy with it.

Enter the 16BHB, while looking at it, the owner said that we could not run a WD because of the aluminum frame. Another friend with an aluminum car hauler has said the same thing.

Reading on this forum, I am seeing lots of people using them, but the factory doesn't feel they are necessary and doesn't recommend them. But do they outright say not to use them? Back when they were in business I mean.

Also, on my old trailer, I never had any sway issue at all. It could be towing a trailer that is much lower weight then the TV, or just so heavy it didn't want to bounce around or?? Anyways, never felt the need for sway control, but reading in here, that sounds like a bigger issue for a lot of people, then the bouncy ride of no WD.

Do these light trailers just want to swing back and forth more? So far my experience is only the few mile tow home at city street speeds.