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2016 Camplite by Livin' Lite 21RBS (manufacturer date 12/2015)
Aluminum Floor, Roof, Frame, Azdel walls
3500 lbs Dry Weight
Price: $30,000

Video walkthrough:
Contact Stu -

We are the second owners of this amazing Camplite by Livin Lite 21RBS, located in Palm Harbor, FL.

Progressive EMS system (Internal / Hard-wired surge protection)
Micro-Air 364 Soft Start (allows you to run A/C unit with a 2200w generator)
Victron Battery monitor
Levelmate Pro Bluetooth leveling system
Weeboost Drive 4g-x Cell booster system
5 new Carlisle D rated tires (500 miles on them now)
Minder Research - TPMS-TRL-4 TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS, 4 Tire Kit
2 new 6V Duracell batteries
RV Wilderness 60x80 Queen Hybrid Mattress (
32 inch TCL Roku TV, with installed bluetooth transmitter (send sound to any bluetooth speaker)
Stromberg Carlson front frame mounted Bike Bunk
Thule bike rack (holds two bikes)
2 Hike 6 speed reversible roof fans with rain sensors and remote controls
RV-Lock V4 Keyless Entry Handle (w key fob)
MORryde step-above 2 step stairs, with Camco step carpets
Aluminum floor covered with laminate
Entry Door friction hinges (door opens all the way rather than 90 degrees, does not fly open)
Emerson non programmable heat only thermostat
2 Camco Roof Vent Covers
Privacy curtains separating bed area
Removed valances, replaced with real curtains and curtain rods
Roof re-sealed in 2022 (dicor and eternabond tape)
2 new 5000 lb rear scissor jack stabilizers
Curt 17200 Trailer Anti-sway bar control kit
Oxygenics Shower Head (with hose and on/off switch)
New propane dual regulator
New wheel fenders
Waggle Pet Monitor (subscription transfer required)
Mopeka bluetooth propane sensors (2)
Camco black tank Gate valve with clear adapter
Electric tongue jack turned to side to allow truck tailgate to go down
New city water inlet w/ check valve

Camping Accessories included
Camco 20 ft sewer hose kit
Camco sidewinder hose support
Camco rv stabilizing blocks
New RV water pressure regulator, with various quick connect hoses
Inline water filters
Two 25 ft 30 amp cords
One 15 ft 30 amp extension cord
One 30 amp to 50 amp adapter
Two 15 amp to 30 amp adapter
Anderson curved tire levelers
Anderson no sway weight distribution hitch (2 5/16 ball)
2 9x12 reversible camping rugs
Trailersphere easy Squeegee awning mop
Refrigerator fan (not installed)
Portapak toilet treatment
Happy Camper toilet treatment
2 magnesium anode rods (not installed)
Four tire covers


This really falls into the 'why didnt I think of this sooner categories'. Mesh tarp from Harbor Freight (30 bucks), light clips from Amazon (10 bucks), some tent stakes and done. Here's the quick video...
We went to the Tampa RV show earlier this week and focused on the 'more aluminum' first stop was Intech to see the Terra Oasis. Here is the footage of the walkthrough -

I also asked about Scott Tuttle. He's still there....they're designing a fifth wheel....and i was told he opened a restaurant!

I had an opportunity to walkthrough both the 2015 game changer and the 2816 game changer pro this week at the 2022 tampa rv show. These are fricken amazing.

2816 -
2015 -

enjoy !
A Small privately owned campground on Lake Pierce. Excellent if you like fishing or kayaking on a lake. Very quiet. Cabins for your non-rv'ing friends. Super nice owners. 30 minutes from Disney stuff.

Our video tour and review, including an interview with the owners -
This is our second (of three available in FLA) camping trip to a COE designed campsite, St Lucie South Campground, in Stuart FL. The only thing missing is lots of shade.

Here's our little wacky video, along with a bike ride tour through the campgrounds. Also our first trip since bringing home the 21rbs.

Happy Camping!

Well....we ALMOST bought an Airstream, but instead, traveled north (our second 1000+ mile trip since Oct) for another LL. Here's the trip!

PS....we'll be selling the 2013 16tbs.
Livin Lite General Discussion / Lift kit dilemma
June 11, 2021, 12:20:19 PM
I recently picked up a 2016 21rbs, and the seller was nice enough to have the original tires replaced before went to pick it up, so I ordered Carlisle Radial Trail HD 205/75R-14's, same size as the originals, had them shipped to his house, and he had them installed locally.  Problem is, there is now much less room between the tire and the wheel well. Some big bumps will certainly make those tires rub. (it's fine on smooth road). It was suggested I can install a simple lift kit.

Not so simple....

I reached out to Dexter this morning with my axle model # 3792525, and they came back with the following:
"Your axle is a #10 Torflex with side mount hangers, but they have 3" high brackets. We cannot put lift kits on axles with 3" brackets. Even if you put regular brackets on it, the lift kit will only lift 2.63". Less than you have now."

So...any thought on what my options are?
Inspired by the colors of easter, my lovely chef-y wife put together this crazy dish using (of all things) Fruity Pebbles! Hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe holiday!
Edye and I went to check out a relatively new campground here in FLA. Cabana Club. This is not rustic camping, this is amenity camping. Imagine a giant pool with a slide. A bar. Kareoke night. A gym. Fancy fancy fancy. Us, with our teeny 16tbs, surrounded by giant Class As, 5th wheels, etc. I think we were the smallest TT that weekend, and it was comical seeing our rig in a 'premium pull through' site.

We were there to support a 'paws for love' tour...some friends raising awareness about therapy dogs. So....I did my best to capture most of grounds.

Here's the vid -
Camping cooking / Happy Passover !
March 26, 2021, 04:02:34 PM
Tomorrow is passover, which is a jewish holiday. To honor that, I asked my wife to make something my mother (rest her soul) used to make for me when I was a kid. You don't have to be Jewish to try it, or eat was super tasty, and brought back some great childhood memories!

And of course, my mom didn't have an Omnia Oven, so we put the camping spin on the dish.
We always cook outside. We recently stumbled upon this Omnia oven and have gone crazy cooking new dishes while camping. Check out the playlist of what we've done so far.
Are you sick of my trip posts yet? Should I stop?

Here's the vid - -

I know I can't stop camping. I am loving having the TT, filming our little trips, etc. We froze our asses off this past weekend. Yay for furnace!
Another fun weekend camping with our beloved 16tbs, this time at a COE (Core of Engineers) campground called Ortona Lock South Campground. the COE really know how to put a campground together.

Here's our little video - . Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed our trip and want to see more!

Dec 18th - Holder Mine Campground Withlacoochee State
Jan 22nd - Cypress Glen Campground Withlacoochee State Forest
Feb 5th - Devils Den Prehistoric Springs
Feb 26th - Johnathan Dickerson St Park
Mar 19th - Collier-Seminole State Park
Trip this past weekend -
Livin Lite General Discussion / Window leaks
November 12, 2020, 12:57:07 PM
A good tropical storm (ETA) came through here last night (and still raining as I post) appears one of my windows is leaking, saturating a brand new mattress.  My first inclination is from the window seals, but I really won't be able to do a full investigation until this weekend.

What should I be looking for? (window or otherwise)
Livin Lite General Discussion / Our updates - 17 days in
November 10, 2020, 11:57:29 AM
Promised to share my updates since David's 16tbs arrived home 17 days ago.

1- New tires (Five Maxxis M8008 ST Radial ST175/80R-13) & battery disconnect

2 - Bluetooth Battery Monitor

3- Replace missing light cover (seems to light up same color as others)

4- Replaced cracked bathroom vent cover

5- Replaced fan in kitchen with fantastic fan, and installed rain cover

6- Kitchen backsplash (stick on)

7- Accent wall (I can't take credit for this, my wife is a painter)

8- Replaced front stabilizer jacks (no matter how much wd-40 I used, the old ones wouldn't budge)

9- Bedside cup holder (super important for me! lol)

10- Media command center - I was gifted a brand new 24 inch 'not smart' TV from my next door neighbor, who needed a smart tv. Mine is now Mensa status
  • Roku box (stream with my hotspot)
  • Neumi media player (movies and tv shows on usb thumb drive, for when I have no cell signal)
  • Avantree bluetooth transmitter - can now play sound on a bluetooth speaker and bluetooth headphones without tv sound on

11- The Dog Bridge & new mattresses - The dog bridge is temporary until I can put a height adjustable pedestal and nice teak table top

Sorry I could not figure out how to put all these pics inside the post.


Has anyone ever sourced these little table inserts that (I guess) used to come with the sofa? (see attachment)
Even before we bought David's 16tbs, I was thinking of ways to make this into a king bed. I've changed my thought a bit since we do not want to remove cabinets....considering installing a height adjustable pedestal between the two beds (with a nice table), which would

1) allow us to have a table between the two beds, and
2) I can lower, and put a custom size mattress between them

thus making what we're calling the 'dog bridge' (our two small dogs sleep in bed with my wife). I'm aware scootching down to get out of bed will be more difficult. I would have to install the pedestal base in the floor, drilling holes for bolts. I think there's room there, not piercing anything like a water tank


Here is the footage from the trip we made from FLA up to CT to meet David and purchase his TT, and back down to our home. Hope you like it ! Click like and subscribe! (otherwise, ill never get a fancy youtube url,  ;D ;D ;D)