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I had a leak in my roof a while back, I couldn't really see where it was coming from. It ended up being a small pin hole in the caulking where the roof met the front cap, hardly noticeable. Doesn't take much to let water find its way into a trailer. I used some EternaBond tape for repairs, its been on for two years now with no signs of it coming off.
I always stuck with what came with the trailers I've owned over the years, the cost of a Fantastic fan and the recommended covers adds up to a tidy sum,I paid $60 for new covers, (three vent lids). to replace them with the fantastic vents with the covers would be approximately $500.
OEM vents that came with the trailer.
I just started a thread on the roof vents, mine lasted three years, they became extremely brittle. The new ones are white vs the original black ones, they let in a lot more light.
Never seen that before on a CL.
Camplite and Bearcat Travel Trailers / Roof Vents
March 26, 2018, 10:20:26 PM
Well, they didn't last long, replaced all three roof vent covers, UV damage was incredible, the rig is only three years old and the vent covers were so degraded that one broke, (they were very brittle) when a heavy wet snow accumulated on the roof. On a side note, the windows still look new. Any body else replace them yet? My previous TT was seven years old, the vent covers were faded and cloudy, but they were still in one piece when I sold it.
A little video concerning freezing pipes..
Just to add a side note to what charliem said, use the proper grade bolts. I used grade 8 bolts when I swapped out my coupler.
,,,,,,,,, also, I ran into a problem with the LP gas, It turned out to be a loose connection on the furnace, (under the fridge). Check the closet by the bed, I developed a small leak that let water enter the trailer through the running light wiring that passes through the roof there.
On my rig, the out board gussets along the frame rails of the trailer. Some were just tacked or welded on just one side or separating.  I had them repaired and was reimbursed by LL. My 21RBS is a 2015 model.
Check all welds and check for missing welds as well.
Real campers eat in the rain!.....................just kidding.
I bought a set up for using the glue tabs to remove small dents in the car, it works fairly well.
I couldn't agree more, QC issues are the bane of the RV's industries existence. LL had their fair share of them, but, the fundamental design, (all aluminum) is what drew people to their product.
The InTech Explore Flyer is nice, I was looking at one with two tip out beds. I'm toying with the idea of getting one for dry camping. With all the storage, I wouldn't need to take the truck.