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Member Introductions / Re: New to RVing
March 30, 2017, 08:43:55 PM
Hi Curtis-
Here's another mapped out trip for the lower 48 - visits to the 47 National Parks.  (Visit 47 National Parks on one amazing road trip). I plan on using this map as a template.  I'll be heading west from NY in Aug 2018.  Good luck with your trips.  Visiting all the National Parks is on my retirement list as well.  Enjoy!
Hi - I purchased a 6.0 a year ago from one of the folks on this board.  I am retiring in Nov 2017 - going down south for a few weeks next spring and in the fall 2018 I'll be packing up my "glampmobile" and dog and heading for the national parks on a 3-4 month tour.  Psyched!  I'll be doing some close to home camping this spring and fall.  Looking forward to taking the glamper out of the garage and setting it up in a couple of weeks. Nice to meet you all.