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Started by Merlin, March 10, 2018, 12:26:36 PM

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"Free" stuff from cleaning out my garage. The free is in quotes because I would appreciate the cost of mailing. If you're interested, send me a private message through the forum and I'll have my people talk to your people (now if only I had people.....). Everything is new, except for the Heng's fan which I used for a couple of trips in my Camplite and the Camco vent covers which have a slightly modified foam insert to fit over a fan. I just thought I'd rather mail this stuff out that throw it out or give it to Goodwill.

Here's what I have:

Supernight 12VDC LED touch panel light dimmer model TM06U(W). I installed rotary dimmers instead of this slide dimmer.

Lend-a-Hand model AM-200 folding assist rail. I went with a smaller version of this hand rail.

Camco fleece covered foam 14" vent covers (2). I made inside vent covers out of aluminized polystyrene instead of using these.

Utopia shower-only 4" faucet. More leftover experimental plumbing parts.

Phoenix tub/shower diverter 4" faucet. One of many plumbing parts I have leftover from my experiments with a sink in the shower.



Pm sent! Thanks for your generosity!


Looking to install small corner sink in the shower of my 2015 16TBS.  Any recommendations would be appreciated


There should be a thread in the archives section with various solutions to installing a sink in the shower, some with pics.