Started by idlerockfarm, January 25, 2017, 07:57:12 PM

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Has anyone seen one of their teardrop-like campers in person?

They seem slightly larger than teardrop but interesting because they're aluminum.  I am not one to review build quality and design choices, so I'm interested to hear what folks have to say about them.



They do look interesting, but I think their website needs some work. I do not find it to be user-friendly. For one thing, is the exterior aluminum, and can it be painted with automotive paints?


Agreed about the website. Just curious now. The price is less than, say, a Vistabule teardrop with fewer amenities.


I will look into adding them to the forum when I get home! Thanks for sharing
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I went to the Atlanta RV show this past weekend and several of these were on display.  I was impressed with the pull-out kitchen.


That kitchen looks nice. I also like the mini-toy hauler floorplans.


its neat..    i so wanted a tear drop type of trailer but none are big enough for me,the wife our 8 year old and dogs so we had to go pop up.


I love my QS6 and don't plan to sell it. I want the Intech, too. The one with the fold out bunk and kitchen. Am kinda in love from afar. 


The pull out kitchen is a great feature, there are manufacturers from South Africa and Australia that have been using that for decades, its about time somebody here decided to include it in there campers.