Kitchen window replacement options?

Started by TeamMcZajic, June 11, 2024, 03:31:24 PM

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This weekend I joined the growing 'club' of owners that have lost their kitchen window on the highway. I'm curious if any of you have used a non-Dometic Seitz replacement window with success? I'm not excited about spending several hundred dollars for an OEM replacement and would consider something different if it wasn't a big hassle to find/install. I haven't taken out the remaining window frame yet, but it looks like I have the 500x300 size.

On a related note, does anyone have a good process/hack for ensuring your window latches stay closed while in motion?

Thanks in advance!



This is a copy of a previous post of mine. It still holds true today.

Other members on here who have lost the kitchen window have had little luck finding a replacement. Most folks have found a similar size but different brand window and figured out how to fasten it on. Check and as well as doing a general search for RV windows of that size.

Here is one source that others have had some luck with, but not original equipment.

And my only suggestion is to create a one page list of everything to check before getting underway. I've never had a latch come undone that was properly fastened.


The kitchen window is the only one that had one support arm. The rest have 2. Thus the window could pivot and fall off the small window ledge built in to the outside of the trailer. It happened to us also. Tern Overland has a 300 x 500 window that fits perfectly in there and is easy to replace. I actually like it better than the OEM windows. It is however pricey at over $500 delivered.




I ended up ordering the Tern Overland window ($600 with shipping). I'll report back on my thoughts once it's installed!