Replacement Windows

Started by Merlin, January 09, 2024, 08:30:40 PM

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Member Miclite2270 sent me this info about replacing the kitchen window in a Camplite.

Hi there, wanted to give an update on my Livin Lite kitchen window search. The company in England (Caravan Crazy) no longer deals with the US market. They said it was some kind of insurance issue. However, they gave me a link to a Dutch company (Willemsen Caravan & Camper Parts B.V.
Boezemweg 51 2641 KG PIJNACKER
They were very helpful and had the exact original Dometic/Seitz window and were happy to ship to US. About $800 with shipping. Just wanted to pass this along in case you have heard of others who are looking. Feel free to post this (I don't know how) & I'm fine if people want to contact me for info. Thanks