FOR SALE 2015 Livin' Lite Camplite 5th Wheel RV & 2020 Ford F-150 Towing 10k lbs

Started by chia3050, January 23, 2023, 03:39:15 PM

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Over family has RVed (owned) all types of RVs over the past 15+ years of RVing . We have owned class C bumper pulls, expensive Bluebird 40ft diesel pusher class A, 30ft bumper pull travel trailers and now this 5th wheel Livin Lite/Camplite all aluminum and Azdel RV. We always do a lot of research (months and years sometimes) before we buy any RV and we loved all the RVs we have owned over the years camping all around the US with our kids.

These 5th Wheels RVs are the easies to don't have any swaying of the bumper don't any scary white-knuckle, stay in your lane driving a big rig diesel pusher class loud V8/10 engine noise the Class C and you are the safest in a crash driving your own truck vs being in the back of a RV house which will fall apart in a roll-over accident and hurt your family.

However our kids are older now and we are using our latest Livin Lite 5th Wheel RV less and less so we have decided to sell the whole 2020 F-150 truck and RV all as one package if possible. We want to sell it to a family or person that will understand our setup and appreciate all the research, love and hard work going into this perfect, super fuel efficient and safe 5th RV setup!

I have included extensive detail of our research, websites, usage, description and picture of our RV and F-150 truck in this posting. Please read and ask us any questions before wanting to see our RV. We are reasonable people and are happy to show the RV and truck to serious buyers. However it does take a lot of personal time to showcase our RV setup so please do your own research, read our posting and ask a lot of questions before you decide to meetup and see our RV in person. We have sold all our RVs in the past to private buyers and it takes some time to set up an appointment and allow buyers to see all of the RV and you can even test drive my setup if you want. Please have all your funding in place before deciding to buy from us since we only will except cash or wire transfer. We have spent a lot of time and money to make this 5th wheel RV setup as perfect as possible.

These Livin Lite/Camplite bumper pulls RVs are rare and the Livin Lite 5Th Wheel RVs are super rare since they were only made for 2 years and then the whole Livin Lite company was sold to Thor Industries. Thor no longer makes these all aluminum/Azdel RVs anymore. These all aluminum and Azdel RVs are built to last, no wood to rot, no rotting plywood floors, super strong lightweight all aluminum welded RV frame, wall and floor. Unlike the Camplite bumper pull these Livin Lite 5th wheels have traditional rubber roof to keep weight down. Typical RVs (5th Wheel, Class A and mostly bumper pull) use glue wood/plywood floors, Luan (plastic, balsa wood, paper glue ) for walls and cabinets. A small roof leak will not be seen for months or years because it travels down inside the Luan paper/plastic/wood walls to rot out your typicaly cheap plywood RV floors. You will only notice the damage from meldew smell or soft floors...but by then it is too late to fix the problems. These Livin Lites RVs do not have any wood only Azdel and aluminum  which does not get water damage even if you have a roof leak so you have a chance to fix the water leak problem and not have to gut out your walls or floors replacing cheap wood/plywood/plastic walls and floors. This 5th wheel is even rarer because it has the all aluminum cabinets package also. This 5Th wheel weighs under 6,000lbs and you can take 4,000lbs of payload! That 4,000lbs payload is more than 2x the normal payload of all/most 5th wheels and bumper pull RVs available! Typical RV (bumper pull, Class A and B and expensive 5th Wheel) only gives you a payload (clothes, food, water, ext) of 1,500lbs to 2,000lbs while this 5th wheel you can load 4,000+lbs. Also this 6000lbs dry weight RV can be easily towed by an standard F-150 or Dodge 1500 series truck (even V6 engine) that will save you a tons of gas money.

You don't need a F-250 or RAM 2500 to tow this 5th wheels. Save your gas money for the 90% of the time that you will be driving your truck with no load. Also no need for a diesel truck and save on higher clean diesel fuel and much less truck maintenance. This super lightweight all aluminum frame and Azdel wall and floors 5th wheel can be easily towed with a V6 truck. Furthermore, I spent months making sure to buy the correct F-50 truck with an Ecco-boost turbo V6 engine, extra heavy duty rear end and all towing package needed to tow 10,500lbs. This V6 turbo engine has much better fuel efficient then the V8, more expensive engine than the V8, liter weight engine than the V8,  much...much better torture at 2,000rpms than the V8. I have owned a Class C V10 engine RV before and the engine is super loud when towing up any hills because your typical V8 or V10 only has torque at 4/5,000 RPMs so you engine is screaming loud pulling the load up hills. Your wife can't hear you talking to her in the front seat going up hills or even in high winds when these V8 or V10 RV engines get louder and louder under more load. Also the big V8 or V10 can only go up steep hills slowly since they have NO low end torque like this Ford Ecco-boost V6 turbo. And the engine is screaming loud the whole time going up the hills really. Also these V8 and V10 engines sucks up gas like are lucky to get 6 or 7 mpg towing with the V8 or V10 engines. This F-150 Ecco-bost V6 turbo engine can pull a 10,500lbs RV with no strain whatsoever!. My F-150 can pull my 5th wheel over steep hills at 65mph speed and never go over 4,000rpms...engine stays cool, quiet (you can talk to your wife in the front seat) and I get 9to 11 mpg pulling all day long with my RV and F-150 truck setup going 65pmh.

Below are all the specs for both my RV and F-150 truck.

1. 2020 Ford F-150 TRIM XL (12,800 miles)
2. 4x2 SuperCrew
4. Wheelbase 145"
5. Bed Length 67.1"
6. Body Code W1C (thicker body wall frame that allow for heavier tow rating)
7. 10 Speed Transmission (typically stays in 10 to 7 gear everyday driving and towing) (rarely down to 6th gear towing up step hills)

1. Ecoo-Boost 3.5L V6 GAS DOHC turbocharged 3496CC 213Cu. engine, 375 HP, 470 torque @ 2,000 rpms, 17 to 23 MPG (see my picture where I get 23.5 and 23.7 mpg all the time without towing) (9 to 11 mpg towing)
2. 3.55 Electronic Lock RR Axle (extra heavy rear end will allow towing up to 10,500lbs vs standard rear end that can only tow 7,000lbs even with a V8 engine) (you need the correct rear end, body code and engine to tow 10,500lbs for any truck brands)
3. Trailer Tow Package 53A ($1,090)
4. Trailer Brake Controller ($255)
5. OEM Ford All Weather Rubber Floor Mats ($100)
6.Heated Extendable Tow Mirrors ($900)
You can see much more of RV when towing behind you vs standard small truck mirrors

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7.Elongator Custom Ramp Tailgate ($2,500)
You can take out the included stowed away ramps and drive your bike or ATV onto the bed of the truck!

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8. Tonneau Truck Bed Cover with lifetime labor warranty professionally installed at local Houston custom truck shop ($500)
9. Custom rear camera that can be used even when tailgate is lowered and help backing up to 5th wheel for hookup, Has video cable quick hook-up for RV rear camera which can be seen in F-150 cabin video monitor ($300). I installed the camera myself so the $300 is just the material cost, no labor.
10. Two rear fender-well swing out tool box (removable and currently stowed in the rear seat of 4 door truck so not seen in the pictures)

1. Bumper Pull 10,500lbs
2. 5th Wheel Pull 9,200lbs
3. Bumper or 5th GCWR 15,900lbs
2020 Ford RV and Trailer Towing Guide PDF

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4. Professionally installed truck bed low profile ISD 5th wheel rails at local Houston custom truck shop ($700)
5. Pullrite 2700 SuperGlide 5th Wheel Hitch ($2,500)

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The Pullrite 2700 5th Wheel hitch make automatic turn without having to stop your truck to make any manual adjustment in the 5th wheel hitch. This hitch can make 90 degree turns while pulling my Livin Lite 5th Wheel RV and still clear 3" from the front of the RV nose to the back glass window of the F-150 cabin! There is no maintenance on this hitch other than WD-50 spray on the plates and rail before a towing trip. Take out the 4 bed pins and 2 head pins removal locks to remove the whole 5th wheel hitch from the bed of the truck easily.

1. 2015 Livin' Lite Camplite 5th Wheel Travel Trailer 26RLS - B420190

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2. Manufacture date 04/2014
3. GVWR 10,400lbs
4. Per axle 5,200lbs
5. Max cargo load 4,310lbs
6. Tires ST225/75R15 with date of Jan 2015 and cold tire pressure 65 PSI with no tread wear at all and aluminum rims
7. Rubber roof is in perfect like new condition. We clean the roof and awning and coated both.
8. We used the RV about 4 times in the last 2 years, We are the 2nd owner and the first owner was an older couple that took great care of the RV also.
9. RV has always been under cover for the first owner and us also (see pictures)
10. RV pulls super easy with the F-150 Ecco-boost engine, higher rear end and Pullrite 2700 5th Wheel hitch
11. F-150 stays under 3,000rpm and 7th gear (10 gear transmission) even when pulling this RV over steep hill because of the 470 of low end torque provided by the Ford Eco-turbo V 6 engine at 2,000rpms
12. RV has all aluminum cabinet package frame and doors (no wood cabinets that will warp with time)
13. ALL aluminum body/frame except lower steel towing frame
14.ALL Azdail (no wood in the Livin Lite/Camplite RVs) so nothing to rot, super lightweight, much better insulation and much more expensive vs the typical Luan RV walls. (read up on what Luan RV wall are...paper, plastic and glue)
15. All fiberglass outside wall with rock metal rock chip front end
16. Super lite weight at 6,000lbs with 4,300lbs storage capacity! (more than twice the typical storage weight capacity of regular RVs)
17. Plenty inside storage and great outside storage also
18. The couch, dining room seats and curtains were reupholstered about 3 years ago so furniture looks like new
19. Some of the fake-leather on the couch arms and underside is rubbing off
20. 2 ceiling ACs and 50 amp electrical service

1. Installed 2 front side lower outer storage combinations locks installed  ($50)
2. Included but not installed a rear camera with 50 ft cabling to hook up from rear of RV to front of RV and then connect to F-150 truck only when needed for towing. This will allow RV rear video cameras to show in the F-150 cabin's standard video monitor in place of the truck's rear bumper video. One quick connection point at the front of RV to rear of F-150 bumper to get the RV rear camera working during RV towing. Then reconnect the F-150 rear tailgate camera back again after unhooking the RV. ($300)
3. Two under cabinet high power flip down fans located at the rear couch and kitchen ($75)
4. Upgraded memory foam queen size heavy duty mattress ($800)
5. New higher weight piston for under-bed left gate to under bed storage compartment that will hold the bed up as you put stuff in the under bed storage compartment.
6. Pullrite 2700 SuperGlide 5th Wheel receiver plate ($200)
7. We have a lot of RV extras like a super tall but super small compact ladder that is stowed in the rear storage that we will include if the price is right. Also many many more extras that we added to the RV over the years for plate storage and so in the kitchen.

We want to sell the whole setup of the F-150 truck and RV together...however we may sell apart if pricing is right. We have spent a lot of time, love and money on our F-150 truck and RV setup so please make reasonable offers only.

Truck and RV located in covered storage unit in Cypress Texas 77433. Weekend appointments only please.

$41,800 F-150 + $35,000 Livin Lite 5th Wheel RV = $76,800 cash or wire transfer only OBO