Awning Replacement

Started by dlb53151, June 23, 2020, 08:48:26 PM

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Has anyone replaced their awning on a 16 TBS?

If so, what did you buy and where did you buy it?  Where did you take it for the installation?


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I replaced the awning on my 21BHS with an awning from Tough Top Awnings.

It is an excellent product, much better than the original.

I installed it myself.  They have How-To videos on their site.  Not hard but be careful of those springs.


Our 16TBS awning is shot after 6 years. Too badly moldy and stinky to save. Looks like djsamual found a good replacement.


Got some intel:

They specialize in heavy duty marine UV resistant fabrics.  A neighbor at our rv resort here bought the material and took it to a upholstery shop to have them do the hemming of the edges.  He said it was no more expensive overall than buying a pre-made cheaper quality awning.  He also had a few extra inches added to the front flap to get more shade.  Looks fabulous. 

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good find. I used the custom shop locally to have a bimini and cabin done up for the boat. Great to keep $$ in the community.

Has anyone tried to get orig dometic replacements parts? my spring is starting to go.


Our 16TBS awning is also shot, do any of you happen to have the dimensions of the original one for pricing the replacement ? I will definitely try out the source listed above.....


I would recommend if possible to convert it to an automatic / electrical awning vs. manual.  The electric is much easier to use.  Quick up and down along with a partial extension vs. full extension. 
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Our awning is electric, but in the last year or so the exposed portion on the rolled up awning is shredding from trailering wind and sun......