Moved TV / cabinet bracing for mounting stuff

Started by keeena, May 21, 2019, 01:36:39 PM

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Minor mod but figured I'd share because it might give folks ideas on how to mount stuff to existing cabinets.

The TV in the 24 foot TH is located on the middle of the long side wall which made it not easily visible from one of the couches. I moved the TV to the end wall to fix this problem. To mount it I made a backing board out of plywood to fasten in between the cabinet's aluminum framing using pocket screw method. Once I did the TV, i decided to add a couple more supports between 2 other cabinets so I could install a clothing rail for racing suits.

I included a pic of the size of self-taping sheet metal screws I used for the pocket holes; they worked perfect. A normal wood pocket screw is also in the pic for comparison. I did also add another main (larger) screw thru cabinet frame into wall stud just to beef it up a bit more


The clothing rail is a nice addition! Nice work for the TV
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